Begin Transforming Lives in Just 5 Minutes a Day

We’re made to connect with others. But in today’s society, more things seem to divide us than bring us together. 5 Radical Minutes is a systematic way to build deeper connections with those around us, especially if we have differing viewpoints.

For Schools

Imagine having more teaching time in your classroom and fewer interruptions. With 5 Radical Minutes, you’ll uncover tools to build truly compassionate relationships between students, their peers, and staff. Connect the lost ones, reinforce a higher level of self-worth for each and every individual, and improve your school climate in measurable ways.

For Families

What if you could routinely engage in deep listening and new understanding with your child? In 5 Radical Minutes sessions each week, you’ll uncover tools that will transform your family relationships and make your home a safe place to share.

For Camps

Summer camp — whether it’s horse camp, day camp, medical camp, or outdoor camp — can be magical for children. With 5 Radical Minutes, you’ll uncover tools to make the experience even more memorable for your campers. Our program enhances the camp experience and helps children to grow socially, emotionally, and intellectually by leaps and bounds.

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