Change Starts in 5 Radical Minutes

Based entirely on new research about the brain, we’ve designed the 5 Radical Minutes program to connect people with others in a compassionate, mindful, and meaningful way.

5 Radical Minutes is a systematic way to build deeper connections with those around us, especially if we have differing viewpoints. This daily practice teaches new rules of engagement: to listen more openly, to reflect more quietly, and to respond more thoughtfully.

Based on the neuro-biology of kindness, 5 Radical Minutes helps rewire the brain to respond with compassion and kindness rather than react with fear or anger. This goal of restoration builds bridges across fractured relationships and brings communities together in new ways.

In the Home

In the home, parents and caregivers can actively engage their children in ways that are safe, encouraging, and positive. This new way of being together builds trust, and over time leads to a kinder, more loving and respectful home.

In the Classroom

In the classroom, 5 Radical Minutes surveys both teachers and students throughout the school year. This valuable feedback allows all to track progress, hone in on specific needs, and improve classroom connections. Student surveys are anonymous, so each child has the freedom to share true concerns.

The flexibility of the 5 Radical Minutes program allows individual teachers to engage their students in this new way, but also allows entire schools districts participate and achieve district-wide program fidelity. 5 Radical Minutes changes school climate in a tangible, trackable way.

Meet the Team

Cheri Lovre

Conceptor Extraordinaire

Cheri Lovre started as a Behavioral Specialist in the 1980s writing IEPs and working with behaviorally challenged students in schools. She noticed that many of the students on her caseload were struggling with grief or trauma. As a result, by the mid-80s she was training school crisis response teams (Flight Teams). She wrote the Crisis Resource Manual in 1985.  Armed with her third book, the Catastrophic Events Resource Manual in the 90s, she began responding to school shootings. Her first response was Thurston High School, Springfield. Just one year later she responded to Columbine. Cheri spent 2 years in  NYC following 9/11 and her work continues still. With every on-site response, she’s gained more and more insight on the root of all of this violence.

Prevention is about creating community, connectedness, acceptance, respect, and compassion. The wealth of experience she’s gained from responding to catastrophic events has culminated in 5 Radical Minutes. It teaches kids how to connect deeply with one another so they’ll be less apt to want to harm others in the first place. This program accomplishes what no security camera, armed guard or hardened entrance can begin to accomplish!  5 Radical Minutes changes hearts and fosters compassion.

Amy Pearson

Wizard of Wordsmithing

As both magician of marketing and commander of content, Amy took the intent of what makes this program effective and brought it all together into an immersive experience. Her years working as content director at a branding agency make her aptly fit to hone and craft this brand’s vision and move it forward effectively. Deep inquiry, vigorous testing, and a heart to connect people to each other drive her to continually improve our program to meet our audience’s needs, and to develop social strategies that reach our market with the true heart of 5 Radical Minutes.

As mother to two teenagers in public schools and one in college, she’s interacting with kids and teachers all the time. As a result, her home is the first to let us know if a concept is working or not and if it’s achieving the goals we expect. Amy was the difference in a great idea languishing just out of reach and exactly what you hold today!

Brant Walsh

Tech Guy Par Excellence

This Salem Mac Guy has a long history of happy clients, including Crisis Management Institute. None are happier than Cheri Lovre. As creator of the very first 5 Radical Minutes beta website, he helped Cheri iron out strategies for how people would interact with the program. Together, they built the foundation for how the site should work. Anytime a technical hurdle arises, Brant has the know-how to solve the problem. Email issues? He’s our 24/7 on-call guru.

As a husband and father of 2, he’s well aware of the issues facing our youth, especially in this digital age. With a heart for connection and the technical chops to use digital tools to make face-to-face interaction more effective, he continually offers strategic solutions that make our program even more effective.