For Administrators: Introduction

Table of Contents

Additional content will become available as you advance through your 5 Radical Minutes subscription.


Student Walk-Out Guidelines

School Discipline and Restorative Practices

Start the School Year Strong
Prompts for your first 5 staff meetings of the year

Getting Started

After reviewing this program introductory script, make the opening paragraph your own. Use the language you would use to convey your faith in the program. For fidelity of the program, it is essential that the rest of the message be conveyed as written. Also, it is important for those in leadership to participate just as all staff do — by rotating through the whole group.

Program Announcement

We all know that for our students to do well, they need to get along well and feel safe and included. For us to be able to facilitate that, we all need to do and feel the same. To help us sharpen our skills so we can help our students, I am now including a few minutes in every staff meeting – 5 minutes, to be exact — dedicated to us and our life and work together.

In these 5 Radical Minutes, we aim to learn to listen more effectively, get to know one another better, discover commonalities, find ways to support and include everyone – even outliers and resistors — and resolve issues that might be holding us back. As we engage in these brief activities, we will not only be helping ourselves navigate the world more smoothly, we will be practicing skills that are vital in our classrooms as well.


How It Works

Each meeting we’ll all pair up. (If there’s an odd number one group will have three.) We’ll be paired with a new person each time until we’ve partnered with each person on staff.

We’ll take just five minutes to connect with one another. A topic will be presented for focus, and then each of us will listen to our partner for two minutes and then they will listen to us for two minutes— uninterrupted. During the last minute, we’ll find out what we have in common. It’s a simple yet surprisingly effective method.

And once in a while we’ll have a circle exercise where everyone works on something together. Some days we might work together to solve an issue in our school. Other times we might just laugh together!