For Camps: Introduction

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As you advance through each month of 5 Radical Minutes, additional content will become available.


5 Radical Minutes helps you create deeper experiences with your campers. The format is simple and easy to follow, and takes only 5 minutes. We recommend the following schedule:

For Camps with New Campers Each Week

  • 1x in the morning
  • 1x in the afternoon
  • End-of-day wrap up (High Five Finale)


For Camps with Ongoing Attendees Throughout the Summer

  • 1x daily (preferrably in the morning
  • End-of-day wrap up


How It Works

  • Divide everyone into pairs (or triads if there’s an uneven number).
  • Introduce the prompt.
  • One person talks for 2 minutes and the other person listens for those 2 minutes.
  • After 2 minutes, everyone switches roles. The speaker is NOT responding to the other’s comments. Rather, they are sharing their reaction to the prompt.
  • The final minute is spent in conversation as directed.
  • Close your 5 Radical Minutes with the daily challenge statement.

Note: It may be helpful to have your campers look for a talking object (stick, rock, pinecone, etc.) so they remember that only the person with the talking object may speak.

Note: If possible, use a bell to mark time. Ring it at the beginning of each 2 minutes, with 15 seconds to go for each speaker, and then at the end of the time.


High Five Finale

The High Five Finale is meant to be a brief celebratory sharing on what everyone observed, learned, or did during the day as a result of their 5 Radical Minutes time and daily challenge. Don’t forget to include your own High Five moments! 

If the groups are quite large and youth want to talk a little more than just making a statement about their actions, break them into groups of five or six so each can have a little more time to share more of the story.

Camper Introduction

You know I want us all to get along well and feel safe and included here at camp. I’ve got a great way for us to be together better.

There’s an activity we’re all going to do every day. And it’s going to be a lot of fun because we get to discover new things about each other and find out what we have in common.

We’re going to learn how to care about one another and help each other out. As we learn, we’re going to love what it feels like to know that others are listening to us. And guess what? As we go, we’ll all be learning how to work things out with people — like friends and family, not just fellow campers — and how to navigate the world a little more smoothly.


How It Works

Each day you’ll have a different partner and so will I. We all want to learn how to listen better. Each day we’ll be paired up with a new person until we’ve been paired with everyone in the class. We’ll even invite other camp staff to stop in once in a while.

There will be times all through life when we have to work with people who might not be our first choice. For now, it might be sharing a bunk or doing a task at home with a brother or sister. Later, it might be a co-worker when you have a job or getting along with a neighbor who lives next door. We don’t always get to choose the person with whom we’re going to work. When we do our 5 Radical Minutes program, we are all going to take turns with everyone in our group. Even those who might not be your favorite. It is important that no matter who is our partner for the day, we bring our best selves every time.

Each day we’ll take just five minutes to connect with one another. I’ll give a topic to discuss, and then each of us will listen to our partner for two minutes and then they will listen to us for two minutes with no interruptions. The last minute, we’ll find out what we have in common. It’s a fun way to get to know each other! At the very end, we’ll have a challenge for the day.