For Families

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As you advance through each month of Five Radical Minutes, additional content will become available.


Hello, Parent, Grandparent, or Loving Adult.

Kudos for taking a new step to better your relationship with your child. Although it’s your role to teach, guide, advise, and discipline, the time you’ll spend together with this program is different. It’s especially designed to build trust between you and your child by providing and reinforcing a deeper way of communicating. The skills both parents and children learn in this program are only gained by communicating differently than your usual conversation.

Getting Started

If you haven’t reviewed the remarkable benefits of the program, review them here.
The three constants of the program are explained here.

Weekly Needs

  • Bell or chime (to mark the beginning and ending of each activity, and any transitions during)
  • Timer (to track your time)


Read the following to your family using language appropriate to your children’s ages.

Welcome to this new way of being together!

Three days a week, we’ll take just a little time to check in as a family in a meaningful way. In our busy lives, it is easy to just jet through the days without taking time to really be in touch with one another. And because so much of our time is spent with a screen — online, texting, in social media, gaming or watching entertainment — it becomes easy for us to spend more and more time in our own space rather than connecting with one another.

Often, we ask you, “How was school today?” It is not unusual for you to just reply with a sentence or two at most. This time together isn’t that kind of conversation. The few minutes we’ll spend together a few times a week with this activity will not be in conversation. It won’t be a time for us to give you advice, and it also isn’t a time for you to ask for advice! We can do that all day long! This will be different.

Each week, the time we spend together for around 15 minutes will be speaking and listening to one another. Really listening! And when we get really good at only listening during our turn, we’ll begin to add tips and additional suggestions. Over time, we’ll deepen how we communicate and grow in trust.