For MS & HS Teachers: Introduction

Table of Contents

As you advance through each month of 5 Radical Minutes, additional content will become available.

Getting Started

If you haven’t reviewed the incredible benefits of the program, review them here.
The three constants of the program are explained here.

Daily Needs

  • Bell or chime (to mark the beginning and ending of each activity, and any transitions during)
  • Timer (to track your two and one-minute marks)

Occasional Needs

We’ll give you a heads up prior to these days.

  • Post It Notes
  • Flip Chart
  • 3×5 Cards
  • Crayons or Felt Pens
  • A way to play audio or videos with sound

2 Minute Survey

Before you begin, be sure to complete the teacher survey and also have your students complete a survey of their own. The information gathered will help you track progress and will also be used to help us improve the 5 Radical Minutes program. In addition, feel free to incorporate any additional tracking methods you wish to use.

Teacher Survey

Middle School & High School Survey