Spokane CIS MS / HS: Introduction

Table of Contents

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Quick Start Guide

Overview: 5 Radical Minutes a paired activity that is simple yet quite transformative. Below are some instructions to ensure that this part of your time together is easy!!

Each week you’ll be given a prompt to foster engagement and to build trust with your student. It is important that you progress in order, as prompts build trust and dive deeper over time. 

The words in the speech bubbles are written for you to read directly to your student. Any notes outside of those speech bubbles are for your information and help. Below are the 3 sections for this activity:

  • PROMPT: Read the Prompt in the blue bubble out loud to your student. You’ll each have 2-minutes (or longer if you want!) to respond to the prompt. This time is not for conversation — one person speaks and the other listens. You can choose to respond to the prompt as it relates to your life right now, or when you were the age of the student you’re getting to know.

Goal: Share perspective; teach listening skills (eye contact, leaning in, nodding, smiling, etc.)


  • CONNECTING: Once you’re each shared and listened, you’ll have 1 minute (or longer if you want!) to have a conversation based on what is suggested in the Connecting. Really engage during this time and seek as much common ground as possible.

Goal: Find common ground so student feels more connected and less alone. This process will build trust over time.


  • DAILY CHALLENGE: The last section is called the Daily Challenge and helps you both remember to think about what was discussed during this time throughout the week.

Goal: If possible, remember to see how this went the next time you meet.