4 Ways to Shift Classroom Climate

The spotlight shines even more brightly on classroom climate these days. The Every Student Succeed Act (ESSA) allows us to focus on social emotional learning with a little more intention and [...]

4 Ways to Use Safety, Connection, & Purpose to Build Community

Kids need to feel safe, valued, connected, and purposeful. Life is full of paradoxes and opposites. No better words so aptly describe the start of a brand-new school year. School staff smiles [...]

Student Threat Assessment: What It Is and How To Approach It

This past year we’ve watched the horrific news unfold yet again as students are evacuated following school shootings. Each time these cross the news feed, they wash over me with both the memories [...]

The Power of Setting Goals (and Our Summer Reading List)

We love setting goals, mostly because we love the endorphin rush that comes when we accomplish a goal. Yes, goals are powerful. But so few of us set out in any serious way to set goals, let alone [...]

Lockdown Drill Language for Younger Students

School safety is a chief concern. There was a day when children didn’t think about their safety while at school. But with all the news coverage about school and workplace violence, and parents’ [...]