How to Boost Your Confidence

We’re all about helping you see reasons to feel good. Part of that involves appreciating all things you do that make you feel powerful and confident. Reflecting on these moments helps you [...]

3 Steps to Help You Work Through Conflict

Whether your children are younger or teens and making college plans, our weekly prompts help teachers and families strengthen relationships both in the home and outside it. The life skills of [...]

The Value of Deep Breathing

We teach students to take a few deep breaths before they start their sharing time. There are so many reasons this practice is helpful to people of all ages. Most importantly, deep breathing [...]

8 Benefits of Laughter and How to Experience Them Daily

When was the last time you laughed together with a friend or family member? Laughing together might sound like a frivolous, silly thing to do, but laughter is valuable. Families, classrooms, [...]

4 Ways to Shift Classroom Climate

The spotlight shines even more brightly on classroom climate these days. The Every Student Succeed Act (ESSA) allows us to focus on social emotional learning with a little more intention and [...]

Helping School Staff Thrive

A rising tide lifts all ships. This idiom carries such truth, doesn’t it? It’s one that rings true in schools. When students are thriving, the adults in the building are happy. Even more, when [...]

3 Steps to Help Youth Concentrate

Our youth face so many pressures! Whether it’s taking the brunt of adult frustration or anger, or coping with poverty, homeless, or drug addiction, they often come to school distracted. They’re [...]

4 Ways to Use Safety, Connection, & Purpose to Build Community

Kids need to feel safe, valued, connected, and purposeful. Life is full of paradoxes and opposites. No better words so aptly describe the start of a brand-new school year. School staff smiles [...]

How to Ask Open-Ended Questions

Most People Crave More Meaningful Conversations In part, the 5 Radical Minutes program teaches us to listen without interrupting one another. In doing so, we also learn that sometimes our kids [...]

The Scientific Benefits of Mindfulness

How Mindfulness Helps Our Bodies AND Our Brains There are so many reasons mindfulness and deep breathing is helpful for people of all ages. And science agrees on the benefits of mindfulness. [...]

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